LG Electronics

The Perfect LG TV Experience


Deliver a premium experiential activation designed to inspire consumers to upgrade their TV to one of LG’s innovative OLED and Super UHD TV’s.


tpf created “The Perfect LG TV Experience” featuring three zones – Sports with Sky Sports, Home Entertainment with Netflix and Gaming with Activision – each highlighting the benefits of the TV’s, along with The Perfect Black Room to showcase 4K UHD content. The experience went live at Westfield Stratford, Bullring and Bluewater, with John Lewis offering discounts of £100 on OLED TV’s and £50 on Super UHD TV’s to help drive sales.


Visitors to the experience loved what they saw with an impressive average dwell time of 14m 29s. Over 16,000 visitors engaged with the experience with a total footfall of 340,000. 7,000 discount cards were distributed resulting in John Lewis seeing a spike in sales when the experience was live.

Interactions with the experience

Designed & supported throughout by tpf studio

Discount cards distributed